Burris Basin Recreation Improvements

The project site encompasses approximately 14 acres and is within an existing 125-acre groundwater recharge basin/wildlife habitat area referred to as the Burris Basin and owned by the Orange County Water District (OCWD). The project included development of a passive recreation/nature park within the existing ground water recharge basin/wildlife habitat area.

The project consists of various parkland improvements including the following: observation and seating areas; bicycle racks; drinking fountains; an equestrian rest area; interpretative signage; two small parking lots consisting of an 11-space lot accessed from Ball Road and a 14-space lot accessed from Lincoln Avenue; two small restrooms; hiking and bicycle trails; trailheads; extensive native landscaping improvements within the park; and, minor non-native landscape improvements adjacent to South Street (outside of the park area). All proposed improvements were designed so as not to impact the existing OCWD habitat areas or groundwater replenishment activities.



Albus & Associates was retained by the City of Anaheim to provide quality control measures during the entire construction phase of the project. Our professionals performed site inspection and field testing to verify the contractors work was completed in conformance with project plans, City specifications and Greenbook Standards. Construction materials were collected at the project and returned to our laboratory for testing and engineering review to confirm compliance with required specifications. Special inspectors were provided during placement of reinforced concrete and specialty hardware. WQMP measures for the project included more than a mile of porous asphalt concrete pavement along trail routes. Our engineers assisted in the design, field testing and construction oversight of the hybrid pavement application.


CLIENT: City of Anaheim, Public Works Department