About Albus & Associates, Inc.

Albus & Associates, Inc., is a geotechnical firm that is a reliable source of professional experience that benefits our clients time and time again. AAI is committed to making each project economically successful, while maintaining a superior level of quality under timely constraints.

Our approach is centered on “Value Engineering”, the discipline of taking a comprehensive look at every element of the project and applying what we learn to improve “performance, reliability, quality, safety, and life cycle costs.”

Based on this concept, AAI has developed a combination of commitment and unvarnished persistence to ensure the best solutions based on supported, dependable engineering principles.

Founded in 1999, Albus & Associates is determined to “do it better” and prides ourselves on our creative, out of the box solutions.

By making our customers and the project our primary concern, we are able to focus on the best solution for each particular situation.

This team commitment, veteran expertise and technical know how has made AAI a company poised for long term success and stability.